IQUA Maestro

Product Description:

Now enjoy balanced alkaline water with pH level 7.5-9.5 with easy and safe to operate “IQUA balance water purifiers” with 15 litre per hour purification caliber. “RO+ALKALINE+UV” and “UF+UV” water purifiers with hot water temperature and constant TDS display. Other features include all service indications notifying Service due, PP Filter change, Storage tank indication, Source Tank indication and Auto Flush indication as well. A special “DETOXIFIER” feature which cleans the surface of fruits and vegetables through ozone gas making them “Bacteria and Virus” free. Its “Instant Hot Water” dispenses boiling water at the touch of a button. An added feature of “Instant Cold Water” every 20 minutes is also a part of this stunning looking machine. Built-in “UV Lamp” in the storage tank keeps water safe with Zero Bacteria growth.


Features & Details:
⦁ Tank Capacity : 8ltr
⦁ In the Box : Wall Mount – Water purifier, User manual , Wall Mounting Plate, Wrench 2pcs, Inlet water fittings, drip tray, 6 meters of pipe & Teflon Tape, Ozonator pipe with ceramic ball.
⦁ Color : Blue, Maroon, Black
⦁ Power Consumption : Cooling 120W, Heating 2100W (*only while dispensing), Ozone Generator 50W, UF 30W
⦁ Dimensions : Product Depth – 11”, Product Height – 16”, Product Width – 20”, Product Weight – 15kgs


Display Features :
⦁ Tank Full indication
⦁ Water inlet source indication
⦁ Water purifying indication
⦁ Service and PP filter indication
⦁ Auto flush indication
⦁ Temperature indication
⦁ TDS Indication

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